Project Purpose and Overview

The greater Phoenix region has emerged as one of the top markets in the western United States for attracting high-tech industries, including data center companies. The West Valley, in particular, is benefiting from economic development activity that will bring jobs and revenue to the area. We are dedicated to providing clean, reliable and affordable electric service to support our existing customers and future growth.

With the arrival of these high-tech companies and the load demand they bring comes a need for new 230 kilovolt (kV) power lines and a substation in the area to serve a new data center customer. This project will also benefit the overall area as it creates new 230kV connections which increases the reliability and flexibility of the west valley transmission system.

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We are in the early stages of a public siting process to identify appropriate routes for new 230kV power lines that best meet the needs of the customer, the community, and regulatory agencies. These power lines will connect the new Contrail Substation (located on the customer’s property on the southeast corner of Olive Avenue and Dysart Road) to existing 230kV transmission facilities. Specifically, these new lines will need to connect the Contrail Substation approximately two miles to the east into the existing 230kV transmission line or directly into the El Sol Substation, and approximately 5 miles to the west into the planned TS-2 Substation.

New 230kV power lines will be needed to connect the new Contrail Substation to existing 230kV facilities. The project structures/ poles will be between 115 -195 feet tall, placed in new or existing rights-of-way or easements up to 120 feet in width.

New electrical infrastructure is needed to provide clean and reliable electric service to a new data center customer in the City of El Mirage and support the continuing economic growth and development in the West Valley.

The new Contrail Substation is located in El Mirage, near the southeast corner of Olive Avenue and Dysart Road. New 230kV power lines will be needed to connect this substation 1-2 miles to the east and approximately 5 miles to the west to existing 230kV transmission facilities (see included map).